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We repair what has been declared not repairable.

At Quantum Gadgets we go the extra mile of fault finding the problem at component level.

Our knowledge in Electrical and Computer Engineering has led us to tackle faults found at component level.

If you'd like to try out our wonderful service, get in touch now!

More About Us


We maintain programs and other operating information used by a computer


We go the extra mile of identifying the core problem at component level


We supply specific high quality products & parts at unbeatable prices.


We take careful procedures in our repair process to satisfy the client and ourselves, and to make sure the client's item is taken good care of

  • Diagosis

    Here is where we identify the fault of the item per client's say through physical examination, electrical tests or other procedures.

  • Quote

    Once diagnosis is done we send a quote to the client and wait for approval to repair. This quote is send within 24hrs of us receiving the item.

  • Repair / Replacement

    Once confirmation to repair is received, we start the repair or replacement process.

  • Complete

    Under normal circumstances it takes us 3 days for us to return your laptop in perfect working condition, in which payment is required upon collecting.

Our Services

Data Recovery

Data Cloning

Our data cloning services allow you to upgrade your hard disk to a larger and faster drive without the need to reinstall the operating system.
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Flash Drive Repair

Our USB repair service is exactly what you need, if your flash drive has suddenly stopped working, is broken and you can no longer access your important data.
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Virus Removal

Computer plagued by viruses and spyware? No problem! We will perform a complete virus removal and advice on future protection.
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File Permissions

We can help you recover data from an 'Access is denied' error on your hard drive, external hard drive, USB or file folders on your PC.
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HDD Repair

We take pride in being able to repair and recover data from hard drive disks when other data recovery companies have failed.
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Data Recovery

We recover data from hard drives with physical or logical damage due to mechanical or electrical failure, software corruption and human error.
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Laptop Repairs

USB Not Working

If your USB has suddenly stopped working, then our repair service is exactly what you need. We can make sure that you are happy with our services
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Broken Covers

We do replacement of laptop covers that are broken. Our covers are new and original. Replacement can be done while you wait.
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Broken Hinges

Laptop screen hinges are one of the most delicate parts on your laptop. If they are broken we can help you to fix it.
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Dead Motherboard Repairs

Our passion for electronics and computer systems helps us diagnose and repair successfully any laptop motherboard.No Power, Charging, Display (Graphics); Not working; Liquid Damage, Dead Components.
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Keyboard Replacement

Usually a cluster of keys stops working because the circuit lines within the keyboard have burnt or dissolved due to a liquid spill. We can help you to replace your keyboard with new one.
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Dim Display

We repair laptops whose screen backlight is not working, this can be caused by missing voltages, broken screen cable or the screen itself.
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No Display

We repair laptops not displaying when switched on, this is a graphic issue caused by overheating.
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Power Socket Replacement

We do replacement of DC Sockets for laptops. Our stock of DC Sockets cover a wide variety of laptop brands.
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Display With Lines

We repair laptop screens with vertical or horizontal lines.
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Motherboard Repair

We repair laptop dead motherboards by finding its fault whereas others replace it with new. We do component level repair.
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Battery Not Charging

We repair laptop motherboard which are not charging the battery.
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Adaptor Not Recognised

We repair laptop motherboard that are not working with the adaptor.
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Graphics BGA Repair

We specialize in the repair of laptop motherboard that switch on but don't display.
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Laptop Screen Replacement

We do replacement of laptop screens that are faulty or broken. Our screens are new and original and come with a 1 Year warranty.
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Liquid Damage

Have you spilled water on your laptop? Maybe a wine spill on the keyboard? Or coffee even? No matter what kind of liquid has damaged your laptop, we can help!
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Brands Covered

SK Hynix
Western Digital

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