Who we are

We are a professional registered company specializing in laptop repairs.
We have a core understanding of electronics and power sequences which makes us exceedingly able to repair computer logic systems for computers, laptops, vehicle ECUs, amplifiers, TVs and projectors to name a few. Everything we do at Quantum Gadgets is researched to its bases. Our aim is to go the extra mile in cutting the price but giving the same satisfaction of a high price. We are well known for repairing than replacing faulty components.

When and Who started Quantum Gadgets

Quantum Gadgets was founded in 2014 by Benjamin after his studies in Electrical and Computer Engineering.
He named this company Quantum Gadgets after his vision to connect all the laptop parts in a one master single database, in which one would easily be able to know the specific parts making up a laptop before opening.
With the amazing knowledge he acquired he went further to research on the power sequence of computer systems, in which he was able to bridge the gap between electrical problems and repairs.

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